Atelier Wolfe is a brand founded by Rachel Wolfe, with an ambition to translate nature and senses into products and experiences. Ecological design is important to Atelier Wolfe, and is defined as:

Design minimising harm to the environment by adapting and integrating the living processes observed in nature.

The future of Atelier Wolfe is guided by the vision to create harmony with the suppliers of the materials, safe working environments for the labourers, and a reform of the fast fashion culture into a revaluation of the objects we use on a daily basis. To Gå Sakte, then means to support the choices which delight all the senses, the tactile, the emotional, and the reasonable, by making choices to create a positive ripple effect into the future.

Rachel Wolfe is a multi-disciplinary artist. Alongside photography, she also paints, performs, works with textiles, and does media installations. Born and grown up in close contact with nature, Rachel has worked within the arts since a young age. Texture and movement are deployed as aesthetic devices that often lend her images a meditative character. A recurring theme encountered in her work reflects on how humans relate to nature.

In 2006 she graduated from Illinois Institute of Art, Schaumburg, Illinois with a Bachelor Art – Advertising, with studies in Interior Design. In 2015 she obtained a Master in Fine Art at Otis College of Art and Design, Los Angeles, California. Since 2010 Rachel has had 11 solo exhibitions in Norway and the USA. She has won numerous prizes and artist residencies. Her work is held in private and public collections.

After moving to Norway in 2015, she realized the vital feeling of contact with nature and being at ease in the body would become a way to bring the beauty and harmony in art to every body.  

With the only training in fashion being a high school independent study, 13 years experience working for a number of brands and labels, and the encouragement of friends, family, and a few colleagues, in her 30’s, Rachel ventured into creating a label.

Rachel is somewhat of an anomaly in that she has been recognized for her Renaissance methods, dedicated to working in a plural of artistic mediums. Bridging her commitment to conservation and love of nature, Atelier Wolfe brings a renewed sense of wonder and reverence for beauty into each design.